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Partnered Logistics

From Linkline’s Inception in 1992, a partnered approach to logistics has been central to its existence and much of its success.

Linkline continues to work with its clients’ to understand their business model, their logistical objectives and where and how they need logistics to keep their business moving forward. Linkline implement varying solutions, dependent on our client’s requirements and agreed objectives.

We operate a wide range of both industry standard, specialist commercial vehicles and plant to achieve the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Here are a few points to demonstrate how Linkline currently offers tailored and partnered solutions to some of its integrated customers.

  • Dedicated fleet secondment
  • Dedicated personnel secondment
  • Account & operational management
  • Lead Logistics Planning (LLP)
  • Multi-site opertation
  • Full Receipt, Handling & Despatch services (RH&D)
  • Client internal procedures & systems absorbed
  • Client livery on vehicles
  • Joined up marketing campaigns & promotions