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High Flying Directors

October 2016

The sky is the limit, or at least it was for Gerard & Rita Culbertson this week.

Our high flying Directors took to the sky in a 15-20 minute helicopter journey over Warwickshire, arranged by all the staff at Linkline as a joint birthday gift.budgie

They took in the stunning views of the county, as well as the infamous Warwickshire castle.

The helicopter itself has an intriguing history too. Owned and recently refurbished by Sarah Duchess of York, the helicopter was her inspiration behind the children’s animation and television series she created in the 90’s ‘Budgie the Helicopter’

Gerard and Rita thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had this to say “our helicopter ride was a fantastic and exhilarating experience, especially as we learned we were sitting in the original ‘Budgie’. Thank you so much to all the Linkline team for organising a thoughtful and fun gift for our birthday”